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Borrow money in Denmark

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APR for fast loans

APR is a function of the security and the security for the loaner of an online loan in Denmark is limited. As a consequence of the lack of security and because the performed credit evaluation is limited the APR for these kind of fast loans can be higher than for other types.

This is due to the fact that people normally obtaining an online loan in Denmark can be under average payers.

Quick loan in Denmark

If you buy on credit in a store, APR is once again one of the most important figure to keep in mind.

Credit card – also a quick loan

Credit card such as Mastercard, American Express and certain store cards for department stores and gas stations, are different from a Danish dankort. A dankort is a debit card, by not having the money subtracted from your account at once.

When you are abroad maximum credit limits on dankort/VISA exists.

For other people credit cards can be an unnecessary temptation.

What is a fast loan?

A fast loan is without any security and where you are free to use the money to whatever you prefer.

They are online loans and paid out very quickly. And all you have to do is to apply and you will receive a quote in your email inbox.

The quote is noncommittal until you accept it. That means that there is nothing wrong in applying for more than one.

Mortgage in Denmark

Mortgage in Denmark work different then in most other countries. The first 80% of the purchase price can be borrowed via a mortgage which is traded directly in the Danish bond market.

This is the main reason for the very cheap mortgage possibilities in Denmark. It is a secured loan with direct security in the leveraged property. So a collateralized obligation with a very low risk of losing money for the borrower.

The mortgage institute works as a intermediate between the borrower and the lender, and therefore do not lend out money directly.

Online payday loans in Denmark

Hints for fast loans in Denmark

Overdraft facility can be a flexible and cheap alternative, but it is of course better only to use money you have already earned.

Leasing should be examined as an alternative to a car purchases and an online loan in Denmark.

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